Call me for a personalised consultation in your home

Call me for a personalised consultation in your home



I’m Jenny Sinclair, the Visiting Veterinarian.

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**Please note this is NOT an emergency service.

If your pet needs urgent veterinary attention please contact your nearest veterinary clinic or after hours animal emergency service immediately

What our clients say

Easing the loss of a faithful companion

I was very moved by your empathy and appreciative of your genuine care.

Thank you  Jenny, your kindness and gentleness was what we needed to get through the hardest heartbreaking decision ever.

Thank you for the incredibly kind and thoughtful way you managed Earl’s last moments.

Can’t imagine a more dignified and gentler way to say goodbye to my best buddy.

Being able to say goodbye to her while she was comfortable in her own bed made a huge difference. It was very peaceful and for that we are very grateful.

Your compassion, guidance and manner were extremely helpful.

Just wanted to let you know (again) how much we appreciate your expertise and care

We all appreciate your kindness today and for helping us go through a very sad process.

You really made it so much easier for us to deal with.

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