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Chocolate Toxicity in dogs and cats

Did you know that chocolate is toxic for cats and dogs? Chocolate contains THEOBROMINE, a relative of caffeine. Chocolate toxicity causes stomach upsets, nervous system upsets and cardiac problems in our pets. Chocolate toxicity can be fatal if enough chocolate has been eaten. All chocolate contains theobromine, but dark chocolate and cocoa have the highest concentrations. Theobromine […]

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Vaccination- how often?

Owners often ask “Should my pet receive yearly vaccination?” There are a number of factors that veterinarians consider when making vaccination recommendations. Firstly all puppies and kittens need vaccination. Generally they receive their final injection by 16 weeks of age. The immunity gained from puppy and kitten vaccination weakens over time. This means your adult […]

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Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease (HWD) is a debilitating and life-threatening condition that is challenging to treat. Prevention is the best approach for the well being of your dog or cat. How is HWD spread? Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes, so our sub-tropical Brisbane climate means the potential for infection is always present. When a mosquito bites an […]

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Heat stress in pets

Keeping our pets cool and comfortable during the summer months in South East Queensland can be challenging. With soaring temperatures and humidity, pets can rapidly succumb to heat stroke and dehydration. Older pets, overweight pets, the very young and breeds with shorter noses (brachycephalic), such as Persians and Pugs, are most susceptible to overheating. Thankfully […]

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Tick Paralysis

  In SE Queensland paralysis ticks are a year round concern but they are particularly prevalent during spring and summer. Paralysis ticks inject their toxin while feeding on the blood of mammals. Cats and dogs are not natural hosts for paralysis ticks and are severely effected by their toxins. Thankfully there are a number of […]

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