Standard Consultation $85*

Revisit Consultation $70

Revisiting the same pet for the same health issue within 4 weeks

Multi-Pet Households

Additional pets seen during the same visit $60

There is no travel fee within the service area. (service area)

A small travel fee applies to suburbs outside the service area. Please call or email me and I can provide you with an accurate cost for a home visit.

*Standard consultation includes a full clinical examination (see details)

Please note that additional charges apply for vaccinations, medication, microchipping and diagnostic procedures.


  • puppy C3: $110 (includes full consultation)
  • adult dog/puppy C5: $115 (includes full consultation fee)
  • kitten/adult cat F3: $110 (includes full consultation fee)

Please call me for a litter price


  • cats and dogs: $55**

Please call me for a litter price

**This fee includes lifetime registration

Annual Heartworm Injection (SR12) Dogs Only

The price is based on your dog’s bodyweight.

Less then 10kgs $85

11-20kgs $120

21-30kg $145

31-40kgs $155

Home Euthanasia

Cat $250*

Dog $280*

*This fee includes home visit, sedation and euthanasia.

Please call me if you would like to discuss aftercare.

Payment Methods

Payment options available include: cash, credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and EFTPOS

Pensioner discount is available

Please note that payment is required at the time of consultation.

Please call me to discuss any questions you may have regarding fees and charges.

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