Chick Hicks

It was so reassuring to have a house call appointment from Jenny when it was finally time to euthanise our youngest son’s favourite guinea pig that had been with us a long time. He was suffering from a facial tumour and we were so glad that we did not have to put him through the stress of being carted off to an unfamiliar, noisy veterinary clinic in his final hours. Jenny was really kind and respectful of our needs to be able to say goodbye to Chick Hicks at home. I really appreciated the calm way in which Jenny worked, she took her time to explain the process to us and she waited long enough to ensure that we were ok once Chick Hicks had quietly passed away.

Sam Bardon October 23, 2015


I thoroughly recommend Jenny as my vet of choice. The fact that she comes to your home is fantastic, our pets are definitely more relaxed in their home environment. Jenny is a very experienced vet and has a lovely manner with both pets and people!! She attended to a wound on my dog Rosie in a very professional and soothing way and took time to connect with Rosie so she was comfortable with the treatment. She explained the possible cause of the injury, the treatment plan we needed to follow and took her time to answer any questions calmly and thoroughly.
Her fees were reasonable and I will continue to use her service for our various pets.

Helen Bardon October 16, 2015

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