Vaccination- how often?

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I’m fully vaccinated!

Owners often ask “Should my pet receive yearly vaccination?” There are a number of factors that veterinarians consider when making vaccination recommendations.

Firstly all puppies and kittens need vaccination. Generally they receive their final injection by 16 weeks of age. The immunity gained from puppy and kitten vaccination weakens over time. This means your adult pet may become susceptible to life threatening diseases. Booster vaccinations are recommended 12 months from the last puppy or kitten vaccination.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) guidelines state that:

“Core vaccines should be administered to all animals to protect them against severe, life-threatening diseases that have a global distribution”. The AVA believes that in most cases, core vaccines need to be administered to adult dogs and cats once every three years. There may be exceptions to this based on geographical location and the individual animals circumstances. see services page for more info on core vaccines

While core vaccines offer excellent protection from disease for at least three years, there are non-core vaccines that need to be administered yearly for continued protection. Kennel cough vaccine is an example of a non-core vaccine. Kennel cough is a highly infectious debilitating disease. It can be spread through close contact with infected dogs and contaminated surfaces. Currently the vaccine available only offers 12 months protection so yearly boosters are needed for continued protection. Sometimes vaccinated dogs may still contract kennel cough, though the symptoms and course of the disease will be much milder compared to unvaccinated dogs.

Many pet boarding facilities require written evidence of yearly vaccination. If you are planning to board your pet over the holidays be sure their vaccinations are current. If you would like to discuss your pet’s vaccination status, or have any questions relating to vaccination,  I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call me on 0403 543 838 or send me an email and I will respond promptly. email

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